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DRIFT Travel Winter 2019

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Our world is full of wonderful place to visit in the winter months and in this issue of DRIFT we travel from the far north to the extreme south, with a few stops in between. Come along on the journey as we make new friends and maybe find time for a little golf.

How will social media

How will social media impact the way we travel in 2019? BY: JANE LEE Does social media impact where and how you travel? From looking to favorite social media influencers for genuine travel inspiration, to considering making a career out of travel itself and sometimes falling into the pressures of having a compelling online presence, it seems that travel and social media work hand in hand. surveyed 21,500 travelers across 29 countries to find out just how social media will continue to change the way we travel in 2019. SOCIAL 40 . DRIFTTRAVEL.COM

TRAVEL OFTEN . LIVE WELL . 41MEDIA Past time or full-time For most, the odd check-in, beach selfie or family snap upload is enough of a social media fix, but for many who dream of traveling the world as a social media influencer, it’s not. 17% see travel as a potential opportunity to earn a living as an influencer or travel blogger, as opposed to having a traditional, fulltime job.


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