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DRIFT Travel Winter 2019

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Our world is full of wonderful place to visit in the winter months and in this issue of DRIFT we travel from the far north to the extreme south, with a few stops in between. Come along on the journey as we make new friends and maybe find time for a little golf.

Soar over the Antarctic

Soar over the Antarctic sea and snow in a helicopter Why just walk when you can also sail, and why just sail when you can also fly? On select Antarctica voyages, such as some of Oceanwide Expeditions’ Weddell and Ross Sea cruises, you can survey the far southern icescapes from a seabird’s-eye-view. Join a helicopter group and let the pilots astound you with soaring aerial sweeps of the Antarctic wilderness. If you think it looks amazing standing along the shoreline, you won’t believe how it looks several hundred meters above it. 38 . DRIFTTRAVEL.COM

Take the true polar plunge: Antarctica scuba diving Kayaking is great, camping is a blast, but there are few activities that divide the certified snow fiend from the ordinary Antarctic traveler so completely as polar scuba diving. And not just anyone can do it, at least not without a lot of practice. Due to the inherent difficulty of this activity, you’re often required to have at least 30 dry-suit cold-water dives under your belt before joining such dive programs. But if you have this documentation, good for you! You’re in line to experience one of the rarest pleasures of the polar world: an exotic tour of its icy underbelly. So suit up, strap in, and enjoy a whole new world of Antarctic colors and creatures. To learn more visit TRAVEL OFTEN . LIVE WELL . 39


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