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DRIFT Travel Winter 2019

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Our world is full of wonderful place to visit in the winter months and in this issue of DRIFT we travel from the far north to the extreme south, with a few stops in between. Come along on the journey as we make new friends and maybe find time for a little golf.

Watch Antarctic whales

Watch Antarctic whales from a ship or Zodiac Humpback, minke, blue, orca, sei, fin… The list goes on. Boating to, from, and around Antarctica (whether in an ice-strengthened vessel or Zodiac) will give you the chance to spot several species of whale. As evidence, check out Oceanwide Expeditions’ extensive supply of whale-watching cruises. The question now is, will you bring a camera keen enough and photography skills honed enough to preserve the Antarctic moments in pictures? Remember, time and tide wait for no one. And neither do whales. 34 . DRIFTTRAVEL.COM

Kayak Antarctica’s crystalline bays If you’re craving close contact with icebergs, ice floes, and icy Antarctic seas, nothing delivers these better than kayaking – except maybe scuba diving, but we’ll cover that later. If you’re not quite ready for the plunge, however, try a kayak. It’s warmer. Let veteran kayak guides show you around the crystalline polar seas, where you’ll get views of Antarctica only enjoyed by a few lucky travelers and the more curious marine mammals. All you have to do is soak up the silence, breathe the bracing air, and glide by the power of your own two arms. TRAVEL OFTEN . LIVE WELL . 35


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