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DRIFT Travel Spring 2019

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In this issue DRIFT takes the family on vacation. From the wilds of Africa to an iconic luxury hotel that caters to kids, there’s a perfect family destination waiting for you. Come along on the journey as we discover a world of fun and adventure.

6 Le Baron Rouge Go on a

6 Le Baron Rouge Go on a Sunday so you can try the oysters from the grower who drives up from Archachon to present his pearls. Stand in line as he shucks a plate for you outside. This is the most affordable wine bar on the list and probably the most fun. Located in the underrated 12th arrondissement they actually pour you a glass or a bottle out of a tap from one of the many small barrels stacked along the wall. Beware, the place can get absolutely packed but after a few glasses of 3 euro wine you’ll be chatting and sharing space with your mostly Parisian neighbors. 7 Freddy’s Squish into the bar at this hot spot in the 6th and order several different kinds of wine and small plates to create your own tasting. I’m a fan of the industrial decor I just wish it wasn’t as popular or crowded because when I went one of us had to stand. However each plate we tasted was superb and made bearing the crowd almost bearable. Go early or late if you want to have a calmer experience. You’ll have a tiny area to rest your plate and glass but you won’t be disappointed. No reservations accepted. 30 . DRIFTTRAVEL.COM

8 Companie sur Vin Surnaturel When you are sick of standing in line, being squished against a wall or having to stand while you drink your vin naturel, head to this more adult-friendly spot opened by the three boys of Experimental Cocktail fame. The decor by their go-to gal Dorothée Meilichzon soothes and comforts as do the sharable plates and proper glasses of wine. You’ll pay a bit more for the ease as well as the huge selection of wines both natural and otherwise but sometimes ponying up is worth it. Situated on my old rue in Paris’ tony St. Germain area the neighborhood ambiance suits the grown-up in us all. Doni Belau is the author of Paris Cocktails as well as the creator of Girls’ Guide to Paris. She guides tours for women-only groups throughout France each year. She divides her time between NYC, Paris and her home outside of Bordeaux in Southwestern France. TRAVEL OFTEN . LIVE WELL . 31


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