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DRIFT Travel Spring 2019

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In this issue DRIFT takes the family on vacation. From the wilds of Africa to an iconic luxury hotel that caters to kids, there’s a perfect family destination waiting for you. Come along on the journey as we discover a world of fun and adventure.

Discovering All Natural

Discovering All Natural Wine Bars in Paris BY: DONI BELAU Natural wine is all the rage in Paris and the fervor has been raging for many years now. That’s why its surprising that it really hasn’t caught on as much in the states, even in New York City where we love to adopt a trend. No self-respecting foodie in Paris would turn their nose up at natural wine or look at you with a dumb stare when you mention it but here both are the most common responses to the subject. There is simply no important restaurant in the city of light that doesn’t have natural wine on its list whereas I may only find a few bottles sprinkled on the better lists here in NY and oddly the sommeliers do not advertise or push it. Quelle domage! For those unfamiliar, natural wine can be described as wine made without many additives and using the least amount of intervention possible. No added sulphates means less headaches in the morning which we can all be grateful for. Natural wines do taste slightly different than wine you are probably used to, so taking a natural wine tasting tour is a wonderful way to learn about it the next time you are in Paris. If you don’t have access to Michael Issac, my go to expert and Sommelier who knows natural wine like the back of his hand or you are unable to take a tour with Gastronomes, then go ahead and enjoy several of my picks below on your own. Cheers! 26 . DRIFTTRAVEL.COM

1 Yard At Yard you’ll eat and drink well and enjoy the company and conviviality around you. Situated on an tiny street in the 11th, on a warm night people spill out onto the rue. This hotspot is owned by two sisters and the natural wine is selected by Clovis Ochin, a wellknown natural wine distributor. Break out and try some of their funkier, farm-ier even effervescent natural glasses backing it up with some of their clean Mediterranean food. When I was there our group sat outside ordered several different wines and immediately began chatting with our neighbors - its that kind of place. 2 Jones In an unfinished industrial space in the 11th arrondissement you can chat, chew and sip some of the best natural wine around. Owned by restauranteur Flo Ciccoli this place is cooler than cool sporting a distinct hipster vibe sans the attitude. A good night is pretty much guaranteed if you start or end it here. The wine list is 100% natural so order what feels right and or sit down for a meal of market fresh vegetable forward cuisine. Reservations suggested. TRAVEL OFTEN . LIVE WELL . 27


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