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DRIFT Travel Fall/Holiday 2018

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Whether your winter getaway includes a white sandy beach, the Australian outback or hyper urban art scenes, this issue of DRIFT is dedicated to the nouveau traveler. Come along on the journey as we discover ancient lands and modern destinations.


VOLCANO BY: MIKE PEREA Mike Perea is a travel and landscape photographer that loves to tell the stories of the beautiful places around the world through dramatic and impactful imagery. Equipment: Nikon D850 and various Nikon lenses. Website: Instagram: @mikepereaphotography 46 . DRIFTTRAVEL.COM In early May, Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano began erupting, dramatically spewing out lava bombs, spurting huge plumes of ash and volcanic smog, and oozing out so much lava. Mike Perea was there to capture this event came away with some very compelling images.

Lava enters the ocean in Kapoho Bay, creating brand new land. This is exactly how the Hawaiian Islands were created. Violent, destructive, yet very beautiful. TRAVEL OFTEN . LIVE WELL . 47


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