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DRIFT Travel Fall/Holiday 2018

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Whether your winter getaway includes a white sandy beach, the Australian outback or hyper urban art scenes, this issue of DRIFT is dedicated to the nouveau traveler. Come along on the journey as we discover ancient lands and modern destinations.

This nondescript alley

This nondescript alley near the Hackescher Market is home to lively bars and colorful graffiti. Seats are often hard to find but there’s ample room to stroll and admire the art. 36 . DRIFTTRAVEL.COM

Berlin likely has the largest number of iconic buildings by the world’s most prominent architects. Along with street art and sculptures, electronic music, and graphic design firms, Berlin is undoubtedly Europe’s creative capital. The central train station personifies the essence of Berlin. With its light-filled contemporary design, colorful visual displays, and boundless energy. TRAVEL OFTEN . LIVE WELL . 37


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