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DRIFT Travel Fall/Holiday 2018

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Whether your winter getaway includes a white sandy beach, the Australian outback or hyper urban art scenes, this issue of DRIFT is dedicated to the nouveau traveler. Come along on the journey as we discover ancient lands and modern destinations.

The Beauty of Australia

The Beauty of Australia BY: GRANT CHARLESWORTH Australia is blessed with hundreds of picture postcard scenes and Instagram worthy lookouts. If you want to avoid the crowds however, and see some of Australia’s most beautiful places, you need to look a bit beyond the icons. Here are 6 of my favorites... Lake Mackenzie, Fraser Island Situated on the beautiful and laid back Fraser Island just off Queensland’s Sunshine Coast is Lake Mackenzie. A perched fresh water lake, it boasts crystal clear water and sparkling white sands. It is perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Fraser Island is accessible by ferry from Rainbow Beach and the nearby township of Hervey bay. Fraser Island is a popular four wheel drive and recreation destination and is Australia’s biggest sand island. Personally I love Fraser Island and I have visited there often. I actually began my career as a guide on Fraser Island driving day tours from the nearby town of Noosa. The best time to visit Lake Mackenzie is before 12pm or after 3pm as it can get quite busy. And you must dive down and see the small turtles swimming close to the sandy bottom. 20 . DRIFTTRAVEL.COM

Bay of Fires, Tasmania Along Tasmania’s North East coast is The Bay of Fires. Dominated by sandy white beaches, aqua blue water and huge granite boulders the region is simply stunning. The granite boulders are covered in Orange lichen giving a sharp contrast to the surrounding area. You can walk for miles along secluded beaches free of people giving you the feeling that you are the only one there. I lived in Launceston in the northern part of Tasmania for 3 years so I visited this region frequently. On your way to or from the Bay of Fires you should stop in at the Bakery at the small village of Campbelltown. Australia is well known for its meat pies and the pies from this small bakery are certainly up there with the best in Australia. You can access The bay of Fires via the nearby town of St Helens. If you are feeling adventurous try the 4 day walk. TRAVEL OFTEN . LIVE WELL . 21


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