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DRIFT Travel Fall/Holiday 2018

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Whether your winter getaway includes a white sandy beach, the Australian outback or hyper urban art scenes, this issue of DRIFT is dedicated to the nouveau traveler. Come along on the journey as we discover ancient lands and modern destinations.

3Belize: Jungle & Coast

3Belize: Jungle & Coast Adventure: Belize takes its motto to heart; no shirt, no shoes, no problem! This laid-back country with a lively soul is filled with a complex history and a vibrant local culture. Take a trip down below to a ‘Mayan underworld’ cave system, and swim in sapphire sinkholes. Put on your snorkels to discover a myriad of underwater life. On this trip, cross over into Guatemala to visit two of the world’s most impressive Mayan ruins, Tikal and Uaxactun. Visit the small laid back town of San Ignacio, which was once only accessible by boat, to get a glimpse of the diverse life and culture that is specifically unique to Belize. 4Malaysia: Trekking Borneo & Beyond: Borneo is home to some of the most diverse and beautiful wildlife in the whole of South East Asia. Start with a visit to majestic Mt Kinabalu, before heading to the pristine Danum Valley. A nature lover’s paradise, whose beauty and animals are equaled only by Sarawak and the World Heritage Mulu National Park with its immense cave system and the oldest rain forest in the world. Come face to face with Orang-utans at the Sepilok Sanctuary, stay at a bamboo longhouse in Sabah on a tea plantation, and finish the trip relaxing at the beach for a chance to spot the elusive Irrawaddy dolphins. 14 . DRIFTTRAVEL.COM

5Uzbekistan: Uncover the Silk Road: This journey to the heart of Central Asia will take you back to a time across the centuries. Explore the city of Bukhara, which is home to 900 monuments, jeweled colored domes and fascinating Islamic architecture. One of the city’s great landmarks is the Kalyan minaret, known as the death tower, where apparently many an unfaithful wife met a dreadful end. Spend a night in the desert by staying in a traditional Yurt camp and be regaled stories of the local culture by Kazakh nomads. Travel to Samarkand, the jewel of the ancient and modern Silk Road, and still a major trade center of textiles, carpets and works of art in this fascinating country. 6Madagascar: Wildlife Paradise: The wildlife of Madagascar is one of the island’s main attractions, and its chief superstar is undoubtedly the lemur with over 70 species spread throughout. Quite a number of the native animals cannot be found anywhere else in the world, such as the Grandidier Mongoose, Appert’s Greenbull and the Crested Ibis. There’s a chance to see the rare Indri, the largest lemur in Andasibele, while in the cloud forest of Ranomafana National Park, catch a glimpse of the elusive rare Golden Bamboo and Greater Bamboo Lemurs. Madagascar also boasts some glorious coastlines, so relax on their white powdery beaches, go snorkeling or a take simple stroll on the sand. TRAVEL OFTEN . LIVE WELL . 15


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